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familyportrait_76Since its founding in 1969 Appalshop’s mission has been to document, disseminate, and revitalize the lasting traditions and contemporary creativity of the region. The Appalshop Archive grew out of this mission and works to preserve the creative output and history of the independent, non-profit organization, as well as orphaned media materials and other collections that help enrich our understanding of the history, culture, art, and social issues of central Appalachia.

The Archive’s collections are available to researchers during regular business hours, through prior arrangement. We make every effort to accommodate requests for access to materials, however audiovisual media items that have not yet been preserved may require special access arrangements. Footage licensing rates can be provided upon request.

Appalshop Archive
91 Madison Avenue
Whitesburg, KY 41858
Ph: 606-633-0108
[email protected]
Image: Appalshop family portrait c.1976

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