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Ramsey Trade Fair clip plus full interview

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Watch a clip from the Appalshop film Ramsey Trade Fair and listen to an extended interview with restaurant owner Mrs. Oscar Sturgill.

Wednesday is trade fair day in the small coalfield community of Ramsey, Virginia, where residents and local merchants gather to sell, swap, barter, and pass the time. Please enjoy this excerpt from our film about the fair, with voiceover by local restaurant owner Mrs. Oscar Sturgill whose full interview is available below.

Listen to Mrs. Sturgill’s full interview (c. 1973), transferred from the original field recording.  Topics include: feeding the traders at her restaurant and food served; the origins of the fair as a stock yard and auction site; what attracts people to the trade fair today; “Mr. Francis” who brought furniture and antiques to sell and attracted women customers; E.C. “Moon” Mullins; and stories about the traders.


  • Ramsey Trade Fair preserved from the original color 16mm film and sound elements with support from the National Film Preservation Foundation.
  • Interview with Mrs. Oscar Sturgill preserved from original 1/4″ open reel audiotape with support from the CPB/American Archive of Public Broadcasting.


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