Welcome home to our Chester Cornett chair

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IMG_4630This week we are happy to welcome home our much-loved Chester Cornett chair, which returned on August 13 after a year on the road as part of the Kentucky Folk Art Center’s traveling exhibit “Chester Cornett: Beyond the Narrow Sky.” Cornett’s unique and unbounded imagination pushed the limits of the traditional Appalachian rocker, and we are proud to have been a part of the KFAC’s project to collect and contextualize some of the few surviving examples of his work. The construction of Appalshop’s two-in-one rocker is documented in our 1981 film Hand Carved.

To find out more about Chester Cornett and the exhibit, check out the exhibition catalog written and designed by curators Adrian Swain and Matt Collinsworth.

You can purchase Hand Carved from our online store here.

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