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In the Good Old Fashioned Way clip (1973)

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In the Good Old Fashioned Way (1973) documents the Old Regular Baptist Church, one of the oldest denominations in the Appalachian mountains, including a river baptism, foot-washing ceremonies, an Association meeting, the music of the church, and memorial services held at a family cemetery. The film captures the spirit and faith of its congregants, who cherish the Church’s traditional practices and sense of everlasting values in a changing world.

Directed by first-generation Appalshop filmmaker Herb E. Smith, this documentary was one of several films made during a prolific period of filmmaking, when funds from the NEH’s Appalachian Educational Media Project (AEMP) helped Appalshop’s founding members establish the organization’s mission, goals, and aesthetic vision. Most of these AEMP films have been preserved by the Archive from the original film and sound elements.

The full film can be purchased here at the Appalshop Store.

Preservation made possible through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation

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