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Appalshop Groundbreaking Ceremony, 1982

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On September 24, 1982 Appalshop officially moved from its small, cramped offices on Main Street to the beautiful building we call home today. To celebrate the 33rd anniversary of its dedication we’re sharing archival footage of the groundbreaking ceremony that took place in May 1980. These clips feature then-Appalshop president Dee Davis, architect and founding director Bill Richardson, and journalist Al Smith. Hope you enjoy this piece of Appalshop history.

Appalshop’s main building on Madison Avenue in Whitesburg originated as a wholesale grocery warehouse, where goods were unloaded for storage and distribution to stores throughout the county. It was later a Dr. Pepper bottling plant, then laundromat and pizza parlor before being purchased by Appalshop and renovated by architect Bill Richardson. It was nominated one of the “50 Best Buildings in Kentucky” in 2013.

Seated on the stage, l-r: J.D. Hughes (contractor), Dudley Cocke, Elizabeth Barret, Jane Gianvito (architect), Patti Glazer (architect), Bill Richardson, Al Smith, Gurney Norman and Marty Newell.

Featured Image:  The Appalshop building today

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